A Colorful Life!

We don’t realize but our life keeps us entertained every single day. We, humans, have a natural tendency to emphasize more on the sadder and ignore the brighter part of the story. There’s never a moment when we gang up with our mates and don’t crib about how she looks so beautiful (and toned) in that dress, how did he manage to be the apple of the manager’s eyes, how come they are so happily married or on as lame a topic as the crowd at Rajiv Chowk! We all have done it, haven’t we?

Now, only if you could close your eyes and imagine all the good things that have happened to you (minus your apparent soulmates, of course!). First and foremost, thank God that you were born as a human! Because, the kind of demons we all are, we just don’t deserve a kind life. Next is your family, a loving family.. A mom who always feels you’re under-fed, who is always worried about your whereabouts and the one who hates your cellphones (especially at night)! A dad who is your savior, who is just a call away and acts as an instant help desk. A brother who is a bully (elder or younger, bully is the word for him) and who is always keen to know who’s on the other side of the phone/chat. A sister who can lend you clothes, who can give you some real good advises and the best secret keeper! There are a lot of people who don’t have a complete family. So, shower your love on people who matter to you and express more!

Look around yourself, these walls that surround you, not everyone has access to them. The warmth you feel when you reach home after a tiring day, that’s incredible, right? But think about those labors who transformed a scattered land of bricks and mortar into ‘your’ house. They had a tiring day too but they didn’t have a lavish meal or an air-conditioned room waiting for them. Sad, isn’t it?

The next best thing is that you’re educated enough to read this blog! Everybody is well aware of the illiteracy level prevalent in our nation, therefore, study well and make a good future for yourself. Also, we make some of the best friends and memories in our school and college life. I don’t think if I can be so carefree and young again as I was five years ago.

It’s easy to grieve than to act! Instead of crying over that job you didn’t get or that group of people who don’t accept you, that guy/girl who isn’t interested in you, make yourself exclusive! Look out for a job which would offer you more learning than a few more pennies, choose a friend who becomes happy in your happiness, a person who respects your soul and most importantly, listen to Bruno Mars singing for you, “you’re amazing, just the way you’re!”

Life is actually very simple. Good grades, first salary, babies touching or smiling at you, parents’ smile, ice lollies, an unexpected hug, unplanned trips, Backstreet Boys,  feeding the poor; it makes us all the more cheerful! It’s all about living in the moment and making the most out it.Yesterday is the pack of lessons, today is the live performance and tomorrow is an uncertainty. So, showcase your talent, now!

Keep smiling, folks!



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