Beauty lies in the EYES of the beholder..


We all swear by this saying by Plato. A sight that I find beautiful may not look soothing to you. A painting that is worth a million dollars may not attract me at all. It all depends on who is seeing what. But the question is, what if we don’t have eyes? Eyes to see, look around? Eyes to categorize what’s beautiful and what’s not! Sounds scary, right? It is, trust me!

A couple of hours, (7 hours to be precise) with a hazy vision and I could already feel paralyzed! I felt as if I’m missing on the major things in my life. I, was suddenly, thrown out of my social life. I couldn’t WhatsApp/Facebook/text/HaikuJAM or say about anything! All this, because I had a hazy vision. I couldn’t read who is calling me to know my whereabouts, I couldn’t read texts that I generally ignore, I couldn’t go through my friends’ feeds to learn how are they enjoying their weekend, I couldn’t write poetry. Basically I was helpless. I was dying to comprehend a single word yet I couldn’t.

All this, because of a sty! A sty, that taught me the value of my eyes. A sty, that appeared on my lashes for a purpose. A sty, with whom I’m gonna share a love-hate relationship. A sty, that hampered my vision. A sty, which is painful, which bleeds and which also made me a little more patient. A sty, which made me look so perilous that people either threw sympathy at me or made some random faces to make me realize what an ugly duckling I had become.

All this happened a week ago, when I realized I had woken up with a swollen left eye. I ignored it citing this was because of lack of sleep. I took some medication from a local medical shop which only helped to aggravate it and made my eye look bigger than my face and turned it bluish-red, which shook my confidence terribly. I couldn’t read properly, I had to pressurize my gentle eyes to focus on the screen while I worked and the pain worsened. I was incessantly rubbing the eye, popping in tablets to cure the irritation and pain, wetting my eyes with drops which were solving no problem. The icing on my ache was the gruesome heat in Delhi wherein you start sweating the moment you get out! Two days of my ignorant treatment and I decided to get it checked!

Now, I was taking some new tablets, applying gel to swollen eyelids, acting patient and trying to gain some confidence. The sty started to bid adieu and so did my pain and insecurities. My life was turning back on track but then the doctor decided to extend the game for a few more hours and diluted my eyes with those four deadly drops! The first two seconds were gruesome. It felt as if someone had cut my eyes with a chilly-covered knife! The pain started to subside and I was slowly losing my sight. I could figure out some people hovering in the corridor, few of who were adorned in white coats but I couldn’t make out their face structures! This had to prevail for 6-7 hours. It took me ounces of strength to let the time pass by.

A week of serious ailment brutally enlightened me. It helped me understand the significance of this sensory organ and the need to be healthy. The kind of care and attention it requires religiously despite being affected by a malady or not. And most importantly, to maintain the quality of life!

Keep shining!