Littering Letters


When was the last time you wrote a letter to somebody? And I’m not mentioning the letters to the government bodies or those that we wrote during our English classes to fetch marks. A full-fledged letter! Or if not letters, a simple note to express how special someone is to you!

The last note that I wrote was a few months ago when I attended one of the photo-walks and the organizers had handed each of one us an ‘I miss you’ card to be posted to the lost one to ‘regain’ that bond. Maybe, the marketing gimmick worked but the idea failed! The lost one is still lost.. somewhere!

I recently came across a new friend who happens to be as crazy as I am, who thinks alike, who just understands my wavelength and who’s also miles apart! So, it becomes difficult to share some stories via WhatsApp chats or calls and that’s how this idea of bringing the old age charm of letters back into our lives was conceived. We decided to now squawk through our words in the form of those deep dark traits, difficulties, dreams and just about everything.

I have been writing for quite sometime now. There has been a phase when my days couldn’t end unless I recorded them on papers. While I was in class 9 or 10, my best friend had changed the school to join a boarding one! We were keen to stay in touch and keep one another updated. We used to share Friendship Day/Birthday cards, jotting down the monthly happenings in our respective areas. Eventually, the card sharing stopped and perhaps we too stopped expecting them. It’s been close to five years that she’s back in the town and not once have we met. Incidentally, yes we have met, for 5 minutes or while commuting in the metro but those meetings have never been as appealing as before.

Such has been our life now. We are too busy socializing virtually! Making ourselves ‘famous’ on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat earns us a good number of ‘friends’ and followers but they’re not the ones who’d be sad when we’re down.

I had mentioned the importance to express in my previous blog posts. In addition, if we could just express with a little creativity, it might just help us more. It helps me definitely. I am a highly opinionated person but you would never find me arguing over it. I love silence. I don’t wish to waste my words on any inefficacious person. When I talk, I go miles with no pit stop. Instead of trying to turn on a deaf ear, write! Do everything you can to convey what you feel. In return if you feel a lacking respect, turn around and revise your priorities, to be clear with whom do you want to be around.

Remember, the last page of your notebooks? The one where you played FLAMES or Name-Place-Animal-Thing, where you scribbled tiny messages to your partner, where classroom crimes scripting was done, where you confessed your hunger, fights, etc, etc, etc. This very page will never fail to bring a broader smile to your face than your appraisal or promotion letters! So, stop acting like a grown up. Stay childish. Laugh a lot. Hug a lot. Love a lot. Prank a lot.

And… keep expressing!




6 thoughts on “Littering Letters

  1. Sometimes a person writes in a way that something deep inside your soul.. sighs and sighs and sighs. That is what you make me feel Neeharika. How maddeningly i identify with every single word.. i cannot begin to explain.
    Your words are realistic yet with that intense yearning we all probably feel sometimes. Beautifully written. As usual. πŸ™‚

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  2. Very well written Neeharika ,specially the last paragraph.It brought a smile to my face.Keep up the good work and give us all the more reasons to be happy πŸ™‚ .

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  3. Do you have a pen a or a magic wand because every time you write you do magic. This time you teleported me to the times when life was so beautiful and yes a lot happened over the last page of the textbook. How eagerly I wait for your blogs! Keep enchanting us with your perspectives on everythinng πŸ™‚ ❀

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