It’s that time of the year again! A Friendship Day! Your WhatsApp might be brimming with those cheesy and symbolic friendship quotes which make way into your chat windows and you blindly forward it to your contact list. Exchanging gifts, kind words, meeting (or rather catching up with your ‘bae’, ‘nigga’) after ages, saying all good things, announcing a new pact to stay in touch and after a few hours.. going back to the monotony!

Such is the life that we’ve fabricated for ourselves. We keep ourselves so occupied with work, showing it off on Facebook, Instagram, etc that we tend to forget the ‘real’ life to keep pace with. Why do we always have to take out time to meet or greet our dearies? More importantly, why do we need this one day to announce our affection to the people around? Now, that’s quite a debatable topic where there’d be ‘n’ number of people arguing from both ends. I feel it’s perfectly okay to have a day defined such as this.

Alright, don’t give me that raised eyebrow look already! I have a point behind it. The point is that the daily chores have a tight hold over us. We have developed a defined schedule for ourselves.

Getting up in the morning when the alarm is about to give up on you, dressing up and leaving home just in time, reaching the workplace just a few moments before your manager arrives, slogging to meet deadlines, leaving office on time to avoid traffic, overtaking the vehicles ahead to win that imaginary race, coming back home to have dinner and sleeping to repeat this cycle for the next five days to come. That’s an average arduous routine we all follow, don’t we?

So, out of all this, where is the time left to let the people know that they matter? We are all living to win the everyday battle and sustain somehow. And if the hateful ‘Western’ culture has coined the first Sunday of August to be celebrated as Friendship Day, let it be! Celebrate it if you’ve got friends whom you’ve not been able to reach out to or simply enjoy your week off! Don’t condemn it in the name of creating memes or throwing out your views in the form of shaming our civilization!

Your friends are so essential to you that they make you the kind of person you are. You eventually start absorbing their mannerisms. They create a thread that binds every emotion and secret between the two of you.

I’ll now take this opportunity to thank a handful of people in my life who have always stood by my side during the highs and lows, supported and blasted at me at appropriate times, have loved me and conspired to thaw me when I’ve lost my temper! Ritika- love of my life and my best critic, Megha- a constant source of positivism in me, Shivani- keep giving me those honest opinions about life, Ravi- the one who keeps me grounded with those shitty one-liners, Divya- my soul sister, I love you, Pupu- keep that charm alive, Tanu- our ‘chirpy’ bird, Dusht- one stop solution to all my problems, Neha- new level of craziness found in you, Ekta- one who taught me life’s not that bad, Arushi- the baby girl, Ekta Vikas- the inspiration behind my writings, Poushali- the symbol of beauty and strength and last but not the least Surabhi- I love you, my rude girl!

I’m more than glad to have you people in my life. Keep motivating me.

Happy Friendship Day and keep sparkling lives!




7 thoughts on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Neeharika, you are doing a great job.Very well written. I am very happy that you are following your passion and that too with such excellence.Keep writing and keep giving us such beautiful insights about life.Let your writings be a medium to live and enjoy our lives to the fullest.I am really happy to find a place in your list.I thank you for coming into my life and and am very very very very proud to be known as your friend.You have always excelled in every field that you have chosen.I am really lucky to have you as my friend.I just pray and wish that this lasts forever and this bond grows stronger with each passing second.Keep up the good work and keep making us proud. I am sure one day i would be saying this ………. “Look Son…….A Legend!!” .
    Here’s wishing all the best to one of the most talented girls i know.
    Your Proud friend.
    (Always with you πŸ™‚

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  2. You are a sweetheart. Everytime i read your write ups.. i have this smile in my soul. How you touch ! That tiny mention of my name warms me to the core. Slightly awed and overwhelmed at the gesture. Beautiful beautiful words. Keep warming … Souls.

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  3. My beautiful radiant girl Nini…your goodness illuminates you from within. And do you possess that Prof X quality of reading the mind….Woof, you certainly read mine. Glad and honoured to be worthy of a mention in your write up. Always look forward for more.


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