Confusion.. Overload!


“Whose life am I living?”, “How long will I tolerate this?”, “What am I doing with this course/job?”, “When will I be happy?”, “Will I ever be happy?” “Is this correct?”
“Which path should I choose?”

There are tonnes of questions that hover our minds every fraction of second because humans are synonymous to this term called ‘confusion’. We have no clarity as to what we want and no control over what we achieve. Minutes before this blog, I was trying my hands on a short story which I couldn’t weave properly. I had my own doubts over it. “Will I ever be able to write a story?”, “Do I have what it takes to be a writer?”, “Am I a loser?”, “God, are you listening?”

Right from the inception, the seeds of confusion are buried deep down into us. You wake up without any idea whether you’ll be able to survive the next 24 hours, you have no idea what are you going to wear (unless you’re a highly (read: exceptionally) organized girl), you have no clue whether you chose your profession or it caught you, you fail to decide if the people around make or break you, that guy you’re dreaming of, if he’s cheating on you.

First and foremost, live the life that makes you happy. You’re not accountable to what others think of your life. They have their own matters to be sorted. So, let it be! Be thankful to your parents and God for this life. Be gentle on yourself. Don’t run after happiness. Live life as it comes and delight shall follow!

It is never too late to walk out, be it a hopeless job or a partner. There are innumerable people bogged down by a job that they’ve been into for years. It becomes gruesome to come out of the comfort zone. Congruent is the case of a partner, who might not provide you that respect or growth. It is acceptable to depart to look out for new avenues.

It is also okay to be perplexed. It has its own charm but don’t be too stumped that you fail to realize the matter of fact! None of us are aware, what the next moment carries in store for us. You might just be crushed by the speeding car that we all fantasize or fall prey to an early attack. Or maybe, you will get that call from your dream company. Maybe, you will finally get through that dreadful entrance exam. Maybe, that guy will ask you out today. Maybe, you will be gutsy enough to tell the truth. Maybe, the radio will play your favorite tracks in a queue. Maybe, your prayers will be heard.

There is so much hope in ‘maybe’! Don’t let that hope get into your way. Stay confused. Fight with the monotony. Ask a lot of questions. Laugh with the world. Hate a little less. Frown a little less. Expect a little less. Live a lot more!

Stay confused! Stay lively.



7 thoughts on “Confusion.. Overload!

  1. So relatable yaar Neeharika….this is what exactly happens …you have put on exaclty the same questions that we have to go through every day…you are getting better with every single writing …keep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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