A Conversation…With Self!


I come across multiple conversations in a day! Starting my day with a conversation with my parents to let me sleep for a few more minutes, with my sister to not wear that dress I’d been dying to wear today, with the driver who always chooses the wrong pickup location, or the fellow commuters to create a little space to allow me to stand like a lady, or with the friends to whom I can complain nastily, or to simply ask someone to shut up with their non-welcomed mastery. My day is full of talking. And I’m sure, everyone else’s is too!

But what about a conversation that enriches you? Or maybe, one, that makes you a better person. That required head scratching, right?

Think of the last time you had a heart-to-heart. It might be the emotional turbulence that you had been wanting to get rid off lately, or the dreams that you carry in your eyes, or the weight of the sentiments pumping your heart a little faster or maybe, the depression that you’d been fighting against! The load of the issue varies. But the anxiety stays. It’s easy to find an aide in someone and ask for suggestions but what we fail to understand is that we are our best and the most under-rated problem solvers.

I have a major problem; which is my temper. I either shout at the highest of the decibels or just stay mum. I think there’s no in-between. But, indeed, there is something hidden, and, that is my positive energy. I let go off the zeal to take on the challenges and bow myself down in front of my annoyance. Given the fact that the world is so demanding, it’s better to stay quiet and switch on your energy saver than to put forward your thoughts to a rhetorical sequence of sheer claptrap.

There are a lot of people you would dislike around yourself. But you can’t shoo everyone off, because unfortunately, it isn’t possible. But it is possible to make yourself blind to them and move on with the usual. The best alternative to a problem is to look deep down your heart and calm yourself naturally. Close your eyes and analyze the situation neutrally. Maybe, you were faulty. Maybe, you were not. Accept the situations gracefully and think over a solution. The solution should not aim to destruct or malign someone but make it a win-win situation for both ends. It sounds crap but trust me, it’s not! Start applying it and you shall experience the transformation!

Do not crib over the exam you flunked or didn’t score well in; study seriously and keep the distractions at bay. Adopt a regularized mechanism to prepare. Don’t compare your scores with your friends’ but with yours. Aim higher!

A person who’s hanging you in between? Do not buy mixed reactions. It’s either a yes or a no. Be blunt and ask for equally blunt answers. You either got through that job interview or you didn’t, you’re wanted or you’re not, you’re a good performer or a bad one. Take the answer and work over it!

Act now instead of complaining later. Life was full of regrets, do not make the list longer.

Keep smiling and stay positive.



6 thoughts on “A Conversation…With Self!

  1. wahh Neeharika you are growing as a writer…such awesome command over language. A great thought process and content was also so strong…keep it up..keep writing yar 🙂

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  2. Everytime i read you i feel i can relate so easily. I like the way you sort of guide us in a way. Sometimes we need to be told. Need to hear it from someone. To walk down that path. Your words makes me think. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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