Are you Ria-fied too?


Have you ever had a day when you had it all? When all the pain that you generally intend to undergo in a week or a month, punches you on the face on a single day? Ria just got smothered by one such day! Her day which usually included a lot of work, laughs, selfies and love took a u-turn today!

Ria’s day started with the pain that most of us girls hate to wake up with! Yes, she started PMSing the minute she woke up. And as if that was not enough, she missed her cab which made her walk for two kilometers because her dearest Uber service was unavailable in the radius! She finally managed to not crib and board another cab which took a lifetime to cover a distance of eighteen miles. No matter, how soft the air was, how warm the sun felt; she was bothered with something. She got out of the cab with gentle drizzles welcoming her to the office. She was now joyous enough to forget the mess she was going through.

But, all’s not well, that ends well! While Ria browsed through her emails, she found two unread highlighted messages waiting to make her life a little more difficult. One mail that required an explanation for a matter that she wasn’t even a part of, another mail that said how one of her prestigious clients didn’t wish to continue with them. She thought what could be worse; there cannot be anything more heart wrenching than this!

But maybe, she challenged God and He played His game too smartly. She received two more heartbreaks in the next two hours, with pain mapping new horizons that she never knew they could.

In an attempt to sustain the day somehow, Ria got into the lift to go to the cafeteria to munch on something. But, she was afraid if thinking to eat something was a sin too. And, bingo! She was right! The lift she entered into, got stuck midway! She was standing still with two of her colleagues, praying that they do not die due to lack of oxygen. After a minute of swiftly remembering all Gods, the lift resumed. She was relived. But was she, really?

She was now done for the day! ‘How could I just try to end this sequence of agonies?’, she thought.

The moment she absorbed herself into the real time, she wished to share these moments with someone. She then also realized that this someone had not been talking to her for three days for no particular reason. She did put her own share of efforts but it went down the drain because maybe, that someone had got a better someone to share his days with!

This torture was more bitter than all other tortures combined. But did it matter to someone? “No.”, Ria blurted!

Why she said a ‘no’ so full of surety is because she then put aside her ego to call up Shaurya to recite her sadness. He disconnected her call. She was shattered now. She recalled all the sad songs that she’d heard all her life and tried to fit them into her situation. That sadness then turned into a sweet smile when his name flashed on Ria’s mobile screen.


She had no idea this was the last time she would be talking to him. She tried to hide all the excitement for him but she couldn’t contain it. She narrated the day to him and he listened with some periodical ‘hmmms’ and ‘okays’. She knew he wasn’t interested and then the network provider played it’s part when it went onto that zero signal strength! She was convinced of the conspiracy now. He didn’t call back. Neither did she. But she did message him to which she got a super lame revert. Ria tried to engage him into a conversation but her chat window was now beaming with outgoing messages only. Since then, she’s been waiting for the double ticks to turn blue, his ‘online’ to turn into ‘typing…’, she’s waiting for his love to bounce back.

But, today it’s not her day!
Maybe, tomorrow will be hers.
Maybe, tomorrow will be kinder.
Maybe, tomorrow she’ll be accepted.
Maybe, tomorrow she’ll be loved.
Maybe not!

Who knows? Ria? Shaurya? You? Me? God?

Please leave your suggestions below!

Happy Reading 🙂



4 thoughts on “Are you Ria-fied too?

  1. yes yes….so true…happens with most of us…the truth of life expressed soooo well…i am sure you have got many of us into reading habbit 🙂 keep writing…waiting for more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very intriguing !! And gripping… till the end.

    That tiny little poetic touch of “Maybe” at the end… is amazing. An echo. Will haunt.

    Keep writing. Love reading your blogs.


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