When I lived my entire life in 3.5 hours!


A sleepless Friday night! Multiple thoughts lingering through the intricacies of my mind, imagining the minutest of moments that might just happen the next day! All this excitement for just one reason, HaikuJAM live session!


“Will you invite all the jammers,

To your wedding

With Me?”

I’ve been to the last two sessions and trust me, they give you a definite high! Such meets give you a reason to live a little more, to sort your issues, to let go of the muddles, to befriend strangers, to trust more, to believe, to challenge, to laugh with them, to share your failures with them, to confess, to love and learn unconditionally.

I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to the HaikuJAM app for introducing me to myself as a fellow poet to the strange world! These three souls, Dhrupad KarwaNeer Sharma and Andy Leung with superlative assistance from Sirin K and Odd Magne Hågensen have made innumerable lives simpler and happier, with no doubt! They deserve every bit of blessing from each part of the universe. I’m not saying this just because I am a part of their stint, but because I’ve felt the passion through the app and of course, their efforts! One needs to download the app, express freely to the world and experience the delight to believe my words.

They have also gifted me some true friends who guide me like guardians at every step of life. Be it the effervescent mommy Ekta, the sugary Poushali, the no-non-sense geologist Deepak, our budding economist Shruti, the king of one-liners Karan, the multi-tasker Chandana,the beautiful Anandita and the queen of words, Hema. I’ve got the best bunch of people I would’ve ever wished for!

Coming back to Saturday, I was electrified to meet all the fellow jammers and of course, Dhru! They had set up the event at Lounge Cricket, Gurgaon where I saw a couple of people scribbling on blank spaces outside and some playing indoor cricket. It was such a serene feeling to meet and greet people who matched the same zeal as yours! Soon, we all gathered with self explanatory cards to create a 5-7-5 haiku and win hearts! Such activities are so sanative, they cleanse you inside out! I also somehow love looking at people’s handwriting for no particular reason and this was the perfect occasion to write with them and observe their writing styles.

I was so stupefied to see so many hearts and brains coordinating with others to create some of the most beautiful stories. One such reference is of a cute little girl named Prishaa, who happens to be Ekta’s daughter. She had the most pristine topics to write on. Her thoughts were so innocent, I just couldn’t get over her!

The most thrilling part of the day was when we heard Dhru uninhibitedly narrate his highs and lows with us. Be it the failures of his initial attempts or the victory at ‘Startup Weekend’ hackathon, he discussed every detail with the same amount of passion in his eyes. Not a single eye looked away, not a single ear turned away from him, such was his aura! He was visibly flattered with the attention that he was garnering from every direction and we didn’t mind offering him some more of it.

Those few hours that I spent there, were the moments I will cherish all my life. The scenarios that we build out of monotonous words, the memories while thinking of the correct word, the urge to get the same emotion from the next jammer, the unsaid bond that we create, all this is beyond words..

It’s time we put our sorrows away and make ourselves what we had wanted to be. A poet, painter, singer, writer, photographer, developer. In between all this, don’t forget to stay happy and make the world a happier place.

Keep smiling!



4 thoughts on “When I lived my entire life in 3.5 hours!

  1. I’m so overwhelmed and speechless. You my little magician , I so get lost reading your words. In between your smiles and witty replies you keep recording every single moment. And the replay is with your words conjuring up magical memories to cherish forever. How amazingly you have flowed like a river and took us all in its glory. Big hugs to you would never be enough.
    P.S. Prishaa sends her love. She already is a fan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My dearest girl, you have a beautiful way of making us feel so good. Thank you for the mention.
    This is so beautiful. I read it with a smile stuck on my face. Remembering every moment of madness and bliss and yes lines by little Prishaa who kept us on our toes…
    You are a beautiful person …which is why being around you makes me and every other jammer so happy. This just sort of confirmed that again. You sort of helped relive it all again. Amazingly written. Cant stop smiling. 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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