The Passionate Haters!


Not a single day passes by when someone or the other doesn’t make fun of your dreams; when they laugh at your aspirations, when they crisply spit negativity at your fantasies, when you feel helpless. This person could be a fellow commuter who is overhearing your conversations or your competitor or your relatives or it could be a friend too.

Not that (s)he doesn’t understand your dreams or they find vagueness consuming your common sense, it could be simply because they’re afraid of you. Because, you dared to dream and more importantly shared them with the world but they’re living a life that the society defined them to, without moving their mouths or blinking an eye and they didn’t have any goals in the first place.

The world is abuzz with such people and you’d have at least two people around you, sucking your happiness at every instance of time. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, they shall always find a reason to bounce back with higher velocity and pinch you right where you never intended to. As they say, such is life dearies!

But not necessarily do you have to tolerate the pain they imbibe in your heart, because once you take it, it becomes imperative for them to shower you with constant nuggets of discomforts. And not once, would they be sorry for that!

They will create circles of doubts surrounding you. You will do what you hoped to. As a wise soul, you will discuss or seek suggestions from the people around. Some of them will be sagacious enough to make it work even better. But some will extract the blemishes, zoom them out and make you feel like a fool, dipping your confidence to an all time low. Beware of such people!

Choose your closed ones sensitively.

Anyone who boasts to be ‘the one’ is undoubtedly not the one!

Do what you’ve always felt like, take failures in your stride and try to create a better version of yourself the next day. Nothing can make you happier than tasting victory after a failure. The world is cruel, people will bog you down, listen to them to only ignore the cynicism. Don’t be afraid to dream, be afraid to not seeing them getting real. Keep a safe distance from the vibes not allowing you to take further steps. Stay real and watch your fairy-tale come alive! Offer them a sarcastic smile to keep the obstructions at bay.

Keep smiling with dreams twinkling in your eyes!


via Daily Prompt: Passionate


10 thoughts on “The Passionate Haters!

  1. And here comes the wise words when are needed the most. You are such a beautiful soul that your words are honest to the core and resonate with what goes in the hidden corners of the mind. Much love. Always be our mirror ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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