A life full of regrets?


It’s been two months since I wrote my last blog post. The reasons would be my incapability to brainstorm a good topic, squeezing in ten minutes on a Sunday to write about what I feel, bedazzled by the love and warmth of my bed, bogged down by the pranks played by destiny and so on…

I would be lying if I said that people don’t look forward to my writings (blush mode: ON) and they’ve been bombarding me with reasons why have I been so inactive here. So, here I am, trying to write on a topic many of us would relate to, easily and honestly. REGRETS.

We live a life of regrets, agree or not. But we do, intentionally or unintentionally. We breathe yet we don’t. We smile yet we don’t. We talk yet we don’t. We love yet we don’t. We help yet we don’t. We live yet we don’t.

Maybe we’re scared of something. Maybe we’re too busy absorbing whatever life throws our way. Maybe we are not very keen to changes. The reasons may vary but the problem is constant, regrets!

We begin our day with a regret and end on the same note too.

Here are some major regrets that are a part of our lives:

  1. Not being able to communicate freely with someone who wouldn’t take your words as they are. You will have to mould your words and make them a little fancier to tell that even though you’re at fault, you still don’t deserve correction!
  2. There are some people in our lives we don’t wish to lose at any point of time. People who are special to you and you don’t want to swamp them with your torrential emotions that might come across as a turn off! Hence, you act flowery to gain that acceptance. (I hope my crush is reading this!)
  3. Not being able to control your drooling mouth when you see a perfectly toned girl gorging on your favorite chocolate or pizza because you don’t wish to put on that extra kilo.
  4. I’ve been dealing with this one since lifetime! I have this urge to screen all possible online shopping options and splurge all my money on them to only regret after a week or two to find my wardrobe overloaded with repetitions or my account balance malnutritioned. Helpless is the word!
  5. Trusting people too easily. This one is a little subjective. Not every incoming shoulder needs to be cried up on. Some shoulders would wink and laugh at you after some time.
  6. Engrossing self with textbooks or work (always) to not have any time left for socializing. That’s a big NO! At the end, no one cares about the marks you scored at a unit test in class 9!
  7. Giving more emphasis to the virtual world and ignoring the bliss the real world has to offer. Remember, people only post the glossiest of pictures on Facebook and you’ve no idea what their personal life is all about.
  8. Falling in love with the wrong person. As they say, “Love is never wrong!” Timing is. Person is.
  9. Worrying about the society (read: chaar log). The society doesn’t care whether you had a good day or your meal or a smile. Keep that person intact with you who cares about you!
  10. Choosing a profession your parents chose for you. There’s a difference between earning and a yearning to earn.

What are your sets of regrets?

Let’s keep them at bay to smile a little first. Yes, yes, try! Now keep that smile on!


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8 thoughts on “A life full of regrets?

  1. The topic resonates with everybody. For me, I identify with some of your points especially the ‘char log wala’. But it all boils down to regret due to procrastination.

    “We live a life of regrets, agree or not…” – Very quotable quote and will also make for a very deep song.

    Good read once more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What ??! Now you can read minds too ?? How come you wrote about my regrets .. ? 🙂 This is amazing stuff. Your style of writing simply talks to the soul. They make me feel i belong… in here. In your words. In your soul.
    Or is it that… you belong to my soul ?
    Both i guess. 🙂
    You leave me always with a thought to ponder on. Always.

    Liked by 1 person

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