A Happily Hopeful New Year!


Every year has something memorable in store for us. Be it the year you graduated, or when you had your first kiss, or you met your idol for the first time, or you had that first sip of alcohol, or your first salary or innumerable moments like these. You will always have your eyes flashing some of the fanciest moments of the past year.

My 2016 has been a ride.

I realized that a constant touch doesn’t guarantee a lifetime commitment. I noticed that smile is the best answer to all the problems. I registered in my mind that being silent doesn’t mean you’re weak; it plainly means that you don’t wish to speak. I also became aware of the fact that there will only be a handful of people who will understand you, rest of them are born to judge. A person who doesn’t trust you now, will always have that one doubt with self.

I had a wonderful time visiting Jim Corbett with my colleagues who turned out to be as endangered as I am. Scratching one another’s secrets till 6.30 in the morning, fighting the cold breeze amidst the more secretive mountains, is one thing we still laugh at and treasure. Getting a new job with a new set of comrades is bestowed by the past year. I also happened to witness my best friend’s wedding for which we’d been dreaming for more than two years.

With every new year, comes a complementary miscellany of lethargic activities, called resolutions. It is easier to chalk out the to-dos than to really move your ass and do it. Here’s a list of resolutions which are as hard hitting as joining a gym on Jan 01 every year.

  1. Saying No I know you wouldn’t want to hurt your dearies by saying a no every time they ask you a favor but sometimes, you got to! You will feel suffocated initially but eventually, you’ll be lighter than ever.
  2. Signing off from the world It is perfectly okay to switch the world off. Do what you’ve been wanting to. Read that book that’s lying on the shelf,  meditate if that satiates you, look at the birds chirping in the balcony, talk to self, write down your worries, fall in love with the sunset. There’s so much to do in life without gadgets.
  3. Talk By talking, I don’t mean the spineless gossips that are a part of your lunches. Talk your heart out to someone who deciphers your heart. Talk about your dreams, fears, weaknesses, love, work, desires. With that one person, you will know you can talk anything and everything.
  4. Confess The confessions could be anything. Maybe I hurt you when you thought it wasn’t my mistake. Maybe you hold me responsible for something I haven’t even been involved in. Meet the person you’ve been missing so much to express how much you adore them. Tell the person who’s been giving you sleepless nights, what s(he) means to you. The world would be a gentler place had confessing been this easy.
  5. Care less about the world To mould it better, “care about yourself more”. It’s good to make the world a happier place, but not at the cost of your own happiness. As long as you care about what they think, you would not be able to live your life fully!
  6. Remove toxic people You always have a smattering of people who only offer you blemishes and criticism. They are never truly happy at your success and are always on a lookout to demean you. Simply, stay away from them and don’t forget to gleam a smile on them.
  7. Shop less This one’s exclusively for me because every time I see or even hear an “end of season” or a “no reason” sale, I go mad. I end up piling up my wardrobe and lowering my account balance. Every single month!
  8. Eat more Eat more to stay healthy so you can live more. Hence, you can love more, earn more and smile more. This way you will stay happy for a longer time. Remember, your smile can become a reason for someone else’s smile. So, you’re increasing people’s longevity too. Isn’t this the sweetest vicious circle?
  9. Believe Believe in the universe more than you usually do.
  10. Stay Hungry for more There’s always always a chance of improvement. Keep trying till you find a better and wiser version of yours every quarter.

How many of these confessions would you cater to?

Happy 2017, readers! Have a blissful year ahead with all your wishes coming true!


via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


3 thoughts on “A Happily Hopeful New Year!

  1. Ahh… What a good read. You had me stuck to that line of your’s… “I registered in my mind that being silent doesn’t mean you’re weak; it plainly means that you don’t wish to speak.”
    You are one wise lil person Neeharika. A fan. Me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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