Let’s move to Venus?


Aren’t you all just so positive and hopeful at the beginning of every year? You dream to realize your dreams. You aspire for a better tomorrow. You pray for peace. You strive to improve. But who is accountable for this improvement? Can you do anything to make the world a pleasurable place? Can you do something so that the other sex feels safer?

2017 hasn’t been too welcoming for women in India. The Facebook walls are flooded with scary stories of molestations that are bound to bring chills down your spines. December 31, 2016 has been etched with some ugly memories of women being mass molested in the metropolitan cities of the country! So much that the police who’s responsible for their safety is as helpless as we are. Why do some douches (read: men) find pleasure in finding a woman distressed? Each one of us saw in the videos, women running around haplessly, finding cops in the hope of some safety. We also saw, in another incident, how a lady was lucky enough to escape the molesters’ plight because she crossed the same ‘deserted’ lane a little earlier when the fateful incident happened. However, the other lady fell prey to the ruthlessness. She was groped, held inappropriately, kissed forcibly, dragged towards the second attacker and when she resisted being undressed, she was thrown on the road cruelly. What makes you angrier is the fact that the law-enforcers weren’t even aware of this till the media blew it!

I’ve a few questions that have been creating a mess in my mind ever since I’ve gained consciousness. The answers to these are still incomplete or blank or some say ‘such is life, live it!’, or some even say ‘limit mein raha karo (stay in your limits!)’.

  1. Who is responsible for such callous incidents? Obviously me, right? Because I wear skirts. Because my bra strap bothers your penis. Because I am loud. Because I have a lot of friends, mostly guys *hides in the corner* More because I use cellphones, I wear jeans and I love chowmein! How silly I am.
  2. Isn’t this a mismatch? I feel I should leave my job and start honing my skills at household chores. That is what I should be doing, isn’t it? What am I anyway going to do with the accolades or promotions I deserve? Who will marry a woman who doesn’t know how to cook a wholesome meal for her man but she knows how to manage the entire strata of men at her workplace? Such women naturally invite harassment. Useless and hopeless! I know!
  3. Don’t you know? I shouldn’t be out after sunsets. I shouldn’t be socially active. I should dress modestly. I shouldn’t be taking shortcuts on roads. I shouldn’t be talking to strangers. I should marry at the ‘right’ time. I shouldn’t be bothered at men’s lewd remarks about my body. I should know my bosom is for public sight. I should understand that women’s butts are created only to be pinched. Such general information, dude!
  4. Keeping a tab, maybe!? “Where are you now?”, “Why are you late?”, “You know it’s unsafe at night!”, “When will you be responsible?”, “Keep sending your location”, “Whom are you traveling with?”, “Do you know that guy?”, “Share the cab details, asap!” These are a few questions and instructions, every girl is haunted with if she’s late by even ten minutes the usual time. Why don’t you ask the guys the reasons they reach home late? Do you ask them whom are they traveling with? If you start being half as rigid as you’re to us, our lives will be a little simpler. But who cares?
  5. Is a No a Yes? Is it too difficult to stuff the meaning of no in your mind? A lame sorry after you touch my breasts ‘unintentionally’ isn’t going to make you any innocent. When she said no when you were trying to satiate your sexual energies, you should’ve stopped at that very moment. But my teachers taught me that a no is a no. Maybe, yours didn’t. Poor you!

A lot of celebrities are showing their agitation against such shame and support for the victims. But does it really help? The protests in and around the capital four years ago did revamp the judiciary; there were many fast-track courts set up but the situation is as worsening as it was before. Earlier, the cases didn’t get registered, now they do. The number is frightening for each one of us. All we got to do is to take precautions. Skip the dark lanes, travel in the ladies coach, reach home on time, avoid dressing as we feel like and so on…

All this because we tried to trust our system and the judiciary. We even attempted to have faith in the men around us. It’s time we cage ourselves till the time you break and enter it, WITHOUT our consent.

Hope to have a safe day!



6 thoughts on “Let’s move to Venus?

  1. Your blogs… always stir. But this one.. has the ability to make a difference. I admire your “voice” in every write up. This one… Is intensely gripping. Proud of you. Hope it reaches millions.

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  2. Our system is fucked up. There are so many cases in India but only a handful of it has been handled because we don’t have enough judges. And Bangalore Police expect harassed women to come up and file a complaint, after nothing happened they have come to a conclusion that, In fact (these women) know they stayed late at night and probably drunk, too. Which is why they didn’t show up. Because rape? It’s our fault. Thank you for writing this, Nee. A definite eye opener! Love you ❤

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  3. With recent incidents like the chillingly gruesome one in Pune, it seems no city in India is safe for 50% of her citizens. If our lawmakers were not busy sloganeering all the time, maybe they would get some time to reflect. Indeed, have a safe day my friend!

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