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Nothingness consumes you

like a poison.

The dawn ceases to shine

even at the horizon.

The bridge stays alone

despite her shadow.

You threw the pebble again to

realize the waters are shallow.

A glance at the night sky

offers no glitter.

Why does a quick journey in

the past purveys you jitters?

Your eyes are screaming what

the tongue doesn’t spit.

Your skin has got bumps the

way, your heart was once hit.

Your lips still burn at the

sensation of glee.

Your wings are tied in the

fear of flying free.

A leap towards brightness

still disturbs your retina.

A few more steps, you could

reach a new arena.

That could help you come out

of the hilly paths of her heart.

Only if you resolve to chase the

soul that accentuates your art.

Bid adieu to the sleepless nights

which only caused you grief.

Open the body to initiate a new

bond that’s beaming with belief.

What is left now to feel

more terrible?

A few more years, let’s turn

them cheerful and simple?



8 thoughts on “Nothingness

  1. The pathos is drugging. A few lines i have read a few times simply as it’s beautiful. It’s the kind of thoughts which we feel ever so often… It’s the kind that lingers. Hmm…
    You read souls, am sure. 🙂

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