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Harvesting Happiness!


I walked by a bridge this morning, while

moving towards monotony, a smile

hit me to stop and visit the square,

the beauty to the world, unaware!

A mamma goat down the rocks,

trying to get rid of squawks,

to save her kid off the river,

fumbling, along with shivers.

As a fearless mother, she held

heads high. Saved the breed and yelled

“Act as self saviors in the moments

of brunt without thy parents!”

I prowled carefully towards the river to

discover lies flowing but some grew

on the sides of the moving waters,

capturing blacks and greys of traitors.

So, I opened my bag to pull a jar

of fears. In a hope to end a bizarre

series of encounters, I loosened

the grip to get rid off the poisoned

Thoughts that made me insomniac.

The life had long lost its soundtrack.

Operas didn’t sound captivating,

Guitars got me hallucinating.

Now, I sing with the butterflies and

create dazzling notes and blends.

The roses team up with the berries,

To the harmony, dance the ponies. 

Lying down on the greens, I look

up at the clouds. My glance booked

onto that fairy house I schemed

of, when sketching my dreams.

It’s been a while that I smiled at ease

Now’s the time to combat blues and breeze.

I open my eyes to broken hues,

I collect reality to a new amuse.



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