Would You Mind Some Lukewarm Love?


It’s that lovey-dovey time of the year again. The 14th of Feb! The Valentine’s Day! Guys are gearing up to confess their feelings to the ones they’ve been eyeing, stalking and weighing words for some time now. Whereas girls are sitting back and waiting for a variety of flowers and gifts to pave their way! Isn’t the concept too shitty? Yes, it is. Don’t we still love it? Yes, we do! Aren’t we all fools? Hahaha!

Why do we choose specific days to buy (or make) cards, cakes, gifts, mementos for some really special people in our lives? Why do I tell my mom that I love her the most only on Mother’s Day? Why do I admit to my dad that he’s always right on a Father’s Day? Why do I express that my brother is my strength on Raksha Bandhan? Why am I thankful to my friends only on Friendship’s Day? Why do I confess my love for him on a Valentine’s Day? Worse if I follow all ceremonies like a chocolate or a teddy or a promise or a hug day.. Too demanding it becomes. And foolish too!

Why don’t we make every day count in relationships? A little help from me in basic household chores not only gives my mom an additional support but some contentment too. Being a little responsible with my career and finances offers my dad some respite. My brothers mock at me when I act a little mature but deep down, they feel happy about it. If two words of care makes your better half happy, do that more often. You wouldn’t even realize when you would fall out of glee and crave for such moments.

Before making the world around you a Disneyland, make sure you treat yourself as the king or the princess! Self love is the best love. Under no circumstances, should you ill treat yourself or kill your happiness for the benefit of some moron. Which reminds me of an article I read about depression this morning. A school going child, a divorcee, a successful businessman, a roadside vendor, a soldier or a teacher, depression has its cobs structured almost everywhere.

There are a number of signs that one must be aware of. Regular mood swings, insomnia or sudden urge to sleep, too much anger or happiness, dependence on cigarettes or alcohol, inability to express, loss of appetite or overeating are some of the symptoms of depression. There are varying levels to be cautious of.

You enter a metro full of commuters. There are chances of at least 2 people out of 10 to be suffering from this disorder.

Depression in severe cases leads to mistakes as barbaric as committing murders or suicides!

A class 12 student flunked his board exam because he couldn’t withstand the suicide committed by his friend. This friend was kind but the other classmates couldn’t consume his goodness. A woman tried to kill herself because she couldn’t sustain the damage caused to her heart when she broke up with her lover, three years after her husband left her. An affluent businessman gulped a bottle of sleeping pills because he couldn’t maintain his family relationships because of professional demands. A daily wager tried to commit suicide because he couldn’t make ends meet with his meager salary. A girl hanged herself because the boy she loved, didn’t find her beautiful.

Apart from spreading awareness about this, a constant flow of love and understanding is all a person needs in order to lead a decent and socially accepted existence. The problem also lies in the mind-set we’re born with. We think a depressed person needs to be homed only with a psychiatrist. Yes, they need an immediate cure. Yes, they need a medical supervision. But, they also demand a soft approach. To listen to them, to understand them, to heal them, to help them come out of this bitter trap, to lead a strong life and to never look back!

I’m sure you must have read numerable posts on depression before and this will also fall prey to the category of read and forget. But for once, try. Try to keep yourself happy. Try to maintain harmony in your body and life. Try to help that person who is ailing of loneliness. Try to come up with solutions of problems. Try to seek help from others. Try to give them some lukewarm, if not unconditional love. But please, try!

Reach out to help centres like Aasra, The Better India or Our India that would make lives a little easier!

I sincerely hope, you wouldn’t mind giving some lukewarm love. Would you?



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14 thoughts on “Would You Mind Some Lukewarm Love?

  1. As usual a very beautiful and an articulate write up! ❤

    Quoting Andrew Solomon “Depression is the flaw in love. To be creatures who love, we must be creatures who can despair at what we lose, and depression is the mechanism of that despair.”
    It is important we should keep talking about it. Well done, Nee (y)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful thought Nee. To talk about something which most people ignore. So true that depression gnaws the soul from inside. Truly we need a gentle awareness, a lil warmth to wrap hearts.
    Love your soul warming write ups.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so true. Depression is something which is never talked in society especially in India. Even our own family members deem us as insane and a visit to the psychiatrist is shamed upon. Hope many people read this! Beautifully penned ❤


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