“Where’s Harmony?”


“What does it take to lead a harmonious life?”, I hesitatingly ask Google.

It shows me ‘about’ 81,10,000 results. None of them relevant.

I then ask Quora because there’s never an unanswered question here. Less answers and more confusion here.

I still am at crossroads. Where’s harmony in my life?

I have doubts, insecurities, voids, doldrums, mismatched thoughts, untreated temper issues, sudden cravings for desserts, mad mood swings, zero tolerance for soaring temperatures in the city and what not in my life! Adding frizzy hair and pimpled skin to the list.

I end up scrutinizing my day to day activities to chalk out the rationale behind my despondence. It doesn’t take me too long to find out whom to blame. It wasn’t too difficult. Blame game is like a favorite sport, after all!

Well, the person writing this blog post is to be held responsible for most of the problems in her life. I will tell you why in some time.

Because right now, my thoughts are floundering around the Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore movie I watched this noon, ‘Miss You Already’ which was fairly rated on IMDb but did manage to signify the importance of friends, relationships, your body and ethics. We’re in a continuous pursuit to find contentment in life. Sometimes it lies within ourselves and surroundings but the failure to identify it makes us feel more miserable.

Let’s come back to why I am accountable for my life not being harmonious. Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Over-thinking: Being a self confessed over thinker, I tend to pay emphasis on the minutest of things that would have minimal or no impact on my life. Yet, I spend a significant  amount of time procrastinating situations beyond control.
  2. Breathe and not live: That’s a common mistake that most of us are guilty for. We’re so caught in the web of habits, it becomes arduous to sneak out of it even for our own betterment.
  3. Realizing self worth: There are times when I need to be told of what I deserve. Not that I do not know it, but there are pangs of inferiority that sow the seeds of doubts on my worth.
  4. Control on emotions: I do not understand if it has to do with my gender or sun sign, but it doesn’t take more than a fraction of seconds for me to get swayed to a cloudy dream, only to be woken to a rather jarring realism.
  5. Express more: It’s easier to make mental notes of my anticipations but when it comes to speaking up, I end up condensing them into a lump of outlines.
  6. Expect less: Barry Schwartz said, “the secret of happiness is low expectations” for all the right reasons. Start finding delight in life not depending on what you give or get in return.

It is necessary to create a balance between your soul, body and surroundings to build yourself up to kiss the skies. It’s also important to realize that you drive your emotions in the path you wish to entail. If we were all sane enough to take correct decisions, there’d be no spice in life. You would have no stupid or inspiring stories to narrate to your friends or kids. You’d have no memories to laugh at your stupidity till your cheeks or stomach would ache. If we were so perfect at our thought process, we wouldn’t be humans in the first place. Even if we were, I don’t wish to be or stay perfect. For I find a strange charm towards imperfection.


via Daily Prompt: Harmony


2 thoughts on ““Where’s Harmony?”

  1. Oh you speak my mind. 🙂 While i am still chuckling over your words here and there.. I believe , harmony is probably just that. That beautiful portion in italics. It’s sound like sanity to me, alright.
    Love the last line ! 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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