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Radiate A Smile :)


They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But isn’t lemonade too mainstream? Why not have tequila shots and make life tipsier?

Most of our lives are about the fixed sequences, failed attempts at challenging monotony, trials at making a not so grumpy face at odd situations, finding our inner selfless selves, finding a reason to be happy when there is literally none, submitting yourself to the needs of others, and and and…

You expect x. You get Y. You complain to z who manipulates your expectations to w. W would repeat it with a and b. Gradually, the entire alphabetical string would know what made you complain and boom! YOU just paved way for the universe to get public access to your weaknesses!

Well if you wish to offer a radiant smile to the world, start with yourself. The mirror is your best admirer and critic. There’s no one who understands, respects or loves you more than your own self. Seek haven in your soul. Find the un-found rest in your emotions.

Fall in love with your creamy skin, fruity smell of your freshly washed hair, textures of your dwindling feelings, cracks of your lips, scars over your body, lessons from failures, laughs from the stupidest of jokes, blood flowing through your body, receiving those awaited messages, pain weakening your will, smiles making your days, heartbreaks eating you up. Fall in love with the mess you are.

Life is too short to exhaust it by complaining every day. It can be dealt with a bit of wit and wisdom.

  1. Seeking someone’s approval: You don’t need to acquire someone’s stamp on your heart so you may be functioned to feel a certain way. Take the direction that you find right, walk away from people whose lives you don’t wish to be a part of, ignore talks if they don’t make sense to you, walk in even if the room is full of strangers, speak if you want to spill your heart out, eat if that dessert looks like a dream, shop if that dress makes your kid happy.
  2. Answering every query: You will have many people questioning the choice of your clothes, color, food, places, language, partners and even your existence. You’re not accountable to the regular itches they get looking at you. Turn around and get going away. It’s as easy. They will eventually stop poking in.
  3. Cherish the alone time: Not many understand the concept of their own company. They misunderstand it to be lonely. The time you spend with yourself maketh you a better you. You become wiser, your best critic, better decision maker, embrace your flaws and make peace with what you’re with a never ending determination to become stronger.
  4. Waiting for all the wrong things: We’re all victims of having been or still being a part of the wrong queue. Be it a wrong person, a wrong habit, a wrong number, a wrong job or a wrong doing; a wrong has always seemed right to us. It is after a terrible jerk that we realize that we’re on the wrong road.
  5. Saying No: I have been repeating this point from over the last few posts because it isn’t easy to master saying a no. It requires sugarcoating, highlighting your point like a suede lawyer and saying a diplomatic sentence that rounds off to a no. How I wish to be a pro at this!

Not every phase of life will be as sweet or as salty as you like it to be. Some days will start like with a perfectly sunny omelette followed by a perfectly blended pasta and ending with a red velvet cake. Or some days will be like an overcooked salami, honey bombed chocolate shake followed by dreadful medicines.

What’s your taste like?


via Daily Prompt: Radiate


One thought on “Radiate A Smile :)

  1. How i wish i could say no too. But sometimes it’s too difficult. But am learning.. Getting there i think.
    This can’t get more real than this Neeharika. Crisp and well written. I love that bit about loving the messy self. Indeed. That’s something we need to practise more often. 🙂 Keep scribbling. You rock !!


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