The First Stint!

Hello Folks!

So I’ve been quite active on Instagram and Facebook, with my quotes, poems and photography but never did I try blogging before. But then, you always have this person in your life who never ceases to push you to achieve your baby dreams! And, this person is not one of my parents, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends or so. He’s just an aide who knows my ins and outs, who understands my passion equally as his, who wishes me immense success and most importantly, who is purely honest with me!

I’ll start from the beginning. I’ve neither been a very studious kid nor a very pleasant looking girl (and, this carries with it, it’s own set of problems). But I’ve been blessed with some superb friends (touchwood, for that!). In my twenty five years of existence, I have earned or rather filtered people who have walked with me throughout phases. Storms or rainbows, sweating or chilling, they’re just a call away. One of these friends is a person I’m glad I met and not shied away from.

Whenever I heard people saying, “We met through a mutual friend“, I always wondered why are my friends not so generous. And then this jinx broke when I actually met a gem through a mutual friend! A lean figure, bespectacled, timid, mushy and a stunning photographer. He talks to you so softly that you’re bound to get hypnotized and adhere to him.

I always kept my poetry a secret, not because of any other reason but because I was not confident at all. One fine day, I just copied one of my notes and WhatsApp’d him. He liked it so much, he requested me to start writing on a big platform. Therefore, I took a resolution to start posting my work on social sites. It has not been a tremendous success but yes, a fair start for a budding poet.

I attended a poetry session yesterday, conducted by HaikuJAM. This was their second edition. I met some really talented youngsters and reading their work gave me goosebumps! This friend of mine (let’s call him, Guru) was somewhere around and I asked him to join us, because we hadn’t met for months. He was a little apprehensive at first but eventually gave in (like, he had an option). I gave him a blank note to scribble a line, then a half-filled note and within minutes, he was writing like a pro. See, he’s that talented. We then strolled around, complained about our jobs, colleagues, life, finances, Instagram audience and what not! A tasteless dish in a famous cafe never made more sense before.

Today, here I am, writing my first blog, taking  a step further towards my passion and making him happier 🙂

Because, there are a very few people who match up to your level of non sense. Never let them go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Looking forward to your kind (and unkind) responses!

Keep Smiling,