A Happily Hopeful New Year!


Every year has something memorable in store for us. Be it the year you graduated, or when you had your first kiss, or you met your idol for the first time, or you had that first sip of alcohol, or your first salary or innumerable moments like these. You will always have your eyes flashing some of the fanciest moments of the past year.

My 2016 has been a ride.

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A life full of regrets?


It’s been two months since I wrote my last blog post. The reasons would be my incapability to brainstorm a good topic, squeezing in ten minutes on a Sunday to write about what I feel, bedazzled by the love and warmth of my bed, bogged down by the pranks played by destiny and so on…

I would be lying if I said that people don’t look forward to my writings (blush mode: ON) and they’ve been bombarding me with reasons why have I been so inactive here. So, here I am, trying to write on a topic many of us would relate to, easily and honestly. REGRETS.

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This place called… MUMBAI!

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When the birds are as excited as you! ~The Gateway of India

With a lot of aspirations in my eyes, I boarded my flight to Mumbai only to be welcomed by a landscape of potholed roads, snailing cars and blue slums! It was raining, as I had been told it would. The pilot warned of a heavy thunderstorm. ‘What a poor time to debut this city!’, I mumbled. I hated this metropolitan.

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