Late Goodbye!


There was a point in my life when I was overflowing with friends; I thought this was it. I didn’t need anyone else. A huge social circle, a new reason to celebrate everyday, I was learning new lingos, new cultures, new emotions, new flavors! I was so full of life. But…

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Are you Ria-fied too?


Have you ever had a day when you had it all? When all the pain that you generally intend to undergo in a week or a month, punches you on the face on a single day? Ria just got smothered by one such day! Her day which usually included a lot of work, laughs, selfies and love took a u-turn today! Continue reading “Are you Ria-fied too?”


A Conversation…With Self!


I come across multiple conversations in a day! Starting my day with a conversation with my parents to let me sleep for a few more minutes, with my sister to not wear that dress I’d been dying to wear today, with the driver who always chooses the wrong pickup location, or the fellow commuters to create a little space to allow me to stand like a lady, or with the friends to whom I can complain nastily, or to simply ask someone to shut up with their non-welcomed mastery. My day is full of talking. And I’m sure, everyone else’s is too!

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It’s that time of the year again! A Friendship Day! Your WhatsApp might be brimming with those cheesy and symbolic friendship quotes which make way into your chat windows and you blindly forward it to your contact list. Exchanging gifts, kind words, meeting (or rather catching up with your ‘bae’, ‘nigga’) after ages, saying all good things, announcing a new pact to stay in touch and after a few hours.. going back to the monotony!

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Beauty lies in the EYES of the beholder..


We all swear by this saying by Plato. A sight that I find beautiful may not look soothing to you. A painting that is worth a million dollars may not attract me at all. It all depends on who is seeing what. But the question is, what if we don’t have eyes? Eyes to see, look around? Eyes to categorize what’s beautiful and what’s not! Sounds scary, right? It is, trust me!

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